Cookie Laws – The Cookie Trolls Are Calling

Cookie Troll

by Mark Salmon on 30/08/2012

The EU Cookie laws were imposed in May this year (2012) and I’ve steadfastly tried to ignore these ridiculous laws until now.  Now the ‘Cookie Trolls’ are calling!

As usual there are businesses trying to profit from this change in legislation.

I get this call and the guy asks me ‘Are you compliant with the law on Cookies?’

I replied ‘Are you trying to sell me something?’

To which he replied ‘No, it’s the law’.

To which I replied  ’Are you a government agency trying to enforce the law?’

To which he replied ‘We are making sure that everyone is compliant with the law.’

To which I asked ‘Are you employed by the UK Government?’

To which he replied ‘No’.

So I replied – ‘So you are trying to sell me your service, goodbye.’

And I put the phone down.

You see, I figured that his call was not a charitable act!  I am fully aware of the law on Cookies but I guess the Renegade in me was dragging his feet on this issue.

You see I hate EU and Public Sector red tape.  (In fact I hate most politicians who never give a straight answer to a straight question.)  This was my protest against the stifling red tape that all small businesses are burdened with.

Just in case this cookie troll took the hump and reported me to the Government trolls, I uploaded a free plugin that now makes me compliant with the Cookie Laws.  It took me about 5 minutes but, for me, that’s 5 minutes too long. You see, I really, really hate complying with laws that some faceless, overpaid, EU bureaucrat decides to dream up. End of rant.

If you too find that the Cookie Trolls are calling you then simply download a free plugin to your site and you are done – I am using ‘Cookie Consent’ but there are plenty of free options available



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